Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Wear Your Baby: Newborn Cradle Hold

Here is a video demonstrating the Newborn Cradle Hold.  This is the most common way I wore my baby for the first 3 months, and we still use this type of carry now when she wants to nurse or sleep.  A couple of key things to keep in mind when wearing your baby in this type of hold:

  • Make sure your baby's airway remains open.  If your baby slumps down low, with her chin against her chest, her airway can become compromised.  In the cradle hold, the baby should look just like when she is cradled in your arms.
  • Keep the baby's head high, next to your shoulder.  You should be able to kiss your baby's forehead by simply dropping your chin (without stretching).  This will help ensure that the baby's airway remains open, and that you can hear your baby breathing.
  • Make sure the baby's bottom sits at navel level or higher.  If the baby sits too low, she is more likely to become slumped and have her airway compromised.  Also, it will probably be uncomfortable for you because after a while you will feel strain in your back and shoulders.
  • Finally, to make sure the wrap is comfortable for you, make sure the fabric is spread wide across your back and wide over your shoulders.


Whit said...

this is the video I was waiting for! I want to use one of these but had no idea what I was doing! Thank you for posting these!!!

xela said...

Oh good! I hope you love wearing your baby in a wrap as much as I have!! I'd be happy to help you too, if you need it :) I'm so excited for you to have a baby!!

Whit said...

I will definitely need some help! I love that you know how to make them too! Thank you :) I'm WAY excited! now if I can just start feeling better :)

Annie said...

You are so awesome Xela! Anabella and I watch this series of videos whenever I wear her in the wrap. You are a life saver! Hopefully one of these days it will click and I will be able to do it without you...until then, THANK YOU!

xela said...

Yay! I'm so glad they're helping you two, so you can finally have your hands free :) When I get home from Seattle, I'm hoping Marco can help me make some more videos of quicker, easier ways to tie the wrap too!


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