Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sally Weans from Night Nursing: Book review and giveaway

I've been contemplating night weaning Emi (and half-heartedly trying) for several months now.  It's not easy, and I haven't been 100% committed, so it's been dragging on.

A couple weeks ago I learned about a new children's book called Sally Weans from Night Nursing, and I was so thrilled when the author, Lesli Mitchell, graciously agreed to send me a copy to review.

From the first page, this book really resonated with me.  In the introduction the author tells her personal story of how she decided she needed to night wean her daughter.  I'm sure many of us can relate to her experience of "doing what seemed to be the easiest thing for a somewhat restful night." (And that "thing" being, MOM = 24 HR MILK BAR!)

I'm sure most moms experience a wide range of conflicting emotions when choosing to wean.  I really enjoyed reading about the author's experience, because it helped me to know I'm not alone in what I'm feeling and experiencing.  I especially appreciated the gentle, non-judgmental tone the author used when sharing her story, and her emphasis on the fact that choosing to wean is such a personal decision.

My girls both loved the story of Sally and the big, colorful illustrations in the book.

One of my favorite things about the book is that it describes Sally's feelings through the weaning process.  The story tells how Sally feels sad that mommy said "no" when she woke up and wanted to nurse, and how she felt angry too.

That really seemed to resonate with Emi.  The day after I had first read her the story, I found her sitting with the book, looking at the pages and talking about how Sally felt sad and angry that, "mommy said 'no boo boo!'"

The story also illustrates how Sally and her mommy are able to do lots of fun things together because they get lots of sleep and don't feel tired anymore (which is the main goal of night weaning, right?!)  Emi was really excited about the thought of fingerpainting... and I think I suddenly realized why she's been waking up every morning and asking to paint!

The author ends the book by sharing her personal experience (the nuts and bolts, if you will) of how she and her husband weaned their daughter.  I found that especially helpful, and I think I'm going to try implementing some of her ideas... like no more nursing in bed!

Maybe someday, when Emi has successfully night weaned, I'll share my story of how we made it work.  But until then, if you'd like to win a copy of Sally Weans from Night Nursing please enter the giveaway!


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