Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting has gotten quite a bad rap recently, what with the TIME magazine "Are you mom enough?" debacle and all.  But of course, TIME was just trying to create controversy in order to sell magazines and make money.  The article had little substance, but at least it got people talking about just what is Attachment Parenting?!

According to Attachment Parenting International, what attachment parenting is really about is this:
The essence of Attachment Parenting is about forming and nurturing strong connections between parents and their children. Attachment Parenting challenges us as parents to treat our children with kindness, respect and dignity, and to model in our interactions with them the way we'd like them to interact with others.
The truth of the matter is there are no "rules" to Attachment Parenting.  You don't get kicked out if you don't let your child nurse till he's five (or nurse at all for that matter!)  It's about respecting your child's needs and recognizing that they are their own person with their own thoughts and desires.

I love the way Dr. Momma puts it, in one brief sentence:  "Remember, you are not managing an inconvenience, you are raising a human being."

Here's an beautiful image of the wonderfully courageous Jamie Lynne Grumet that SHOULD have been on the cover of TIME (stolen from my friend Paala's wonderful blog) that summarizes why I choose to be an attached parent...

The following are some of my favorite Attachment Parenting resources:

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