Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's days like these that I'm so glad I'm still nursing!

Yesterday afternoon, my little munchkin started showing signs of a cold.  She was coughing and had a runny nose, and she just wanted to nurse and be held.  So this is how we spent most of the evening...

and most of the day today...

I'm so thankful that even though I'm 6 months pregnant, my body is able to produce the milk she needs.  In fact, I'm not sure if it's due to my colostrum coming in or my body responding to my toddler's needs, but I've had a greater milk supply the past 2 days than I have since I got pregnant.  I'm so glad that I'm able to give my toddler not only an immunity boost, but also the comfort she craves when she's sick. 

Did you know that a child's immune system isn't fully developed until she's 6 years old?  I learned a really interesting fact on the La Leche League website that I just had to share... "Nursing also allows your baby (toddler) to give germs to you so that your immune system can respond and can synthesize antibodies! This means that if your baby has come in contact with something which you have not, (s)he will pass these germs to you at the next nursing; during that feeding, your body will start to manufacture antibodies for that particular germ. By the time the next feeding arrives, your entire immune system will be working to provide immunities for you and your baby."  How cool is that?!  It's nice to know that I can literally nurse my little ones back to health!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boba Baby Carrier Review

So I came to the realization a couple of months ago that sooner or later I would have to find a new way to "wear" my toddler... if not because of a growing belly, then because I will soon have a new little one who will need to be worn close to my chest.

I started seeing ads for a new type of soft-structured carrier in Mothering Magazine, called a Boba.  It's made by the same company that makes the Sleepy Wrap, and I think everyone knows how much I LOVE my Sleepy Wrap!  If only there was a quick, easy way to tie your toddler on your back using a wrap... I'd probably never look for another carrier!

I had tried an Ergo early last summer, but ended up selling it to a friend.  So many of my friends had raved about them, but I never seemed to be able to get it to fit comfortably.  It was hard for me to buckle the top clasp when I was wearing my little one on the front, and I always ended up with intense pain along my spine and between my shoulder blades when I wore it.  And by the time I tried the Ergo, I had so much practice tying a baby wrap that it was actually faster for me to put on a wrap than the Ergo!

Still, I wanted something that would allow me to quickly and easily carry my toddler on my back (something less bulky and heavy than my hiking backpack).  So I checked out http://www.bobababycarrier.com/.  Their website is great because they have thorough comparisons of the types of baby carriers, and they specifically compare the Boba to the Ergo.  Some of the differences that really sold me on the Boba are these:
  • The height of the Boba is 3 inches higher than the Ergo.  This allows it to cling to and support the child's entire back, bringing the child and center of gravity closer to you.
  • The Ergo is 14 inches wide from top to bottom, while the Boba is 13 inches in the seat and 17 inches in the middle to hug your child.  Not only does this allow you to keep small babies closer to you, it also provides more privacy while nursing in the carrier.
  • The top of the Boba is rounded, which according to the manufacturer, "envelops and pulls child's entire back close to your body"; whereas the Ergo's "straight top may pull baby closer with horizontal line of pressure against toddler's back."  Translation: it's more comfortable for the toddler.
  • It has foot straps!  According to the manufacturer, the foot straps "provides a place to rest bigger legs, improves circulation, no pressure on nerves. Pelvis tilts under, hip sockets fill out, spine aligns properly in toddler."  What they don't mention is that having the toddler properly positioned and aligned with her feet in the foot straps makes her feel almost weightless!  It's really amazing how much heavier "dead weight" is than supported weight!! 

So I decided to give the Boba a try, and I'm really glad I did! It's really comfortable for me and my toddler, and super convenient.  Now that my toddler is two, most of the time she'd rather walk.  But for those times she falls asleep in her carseat on the way to the store, it's nice to have something I can quickly pull out and put on so she can stay asleep while I shop!  It's also nice to be able to wear her on my back when she's awake, because she never wants to sit in the shopping cart!!

The only drawback I can see to the Boba is that it probably wouldn't fit well for anyone over 6 feet tall or with really broad shoulders.  It's just about stretched to the max on my husband.  When comparing the Boba to the Ergo, the Boba website states "Since the back is higher, the shoulder straps begin higher on the wearers back.  They don't sit as far apart on the shoulders of the wearer.  Weight distribution is better distributed through the shoulders, the whole back and the waist of the wearer. [Which is probably why I found it more comfortable than the Ergo.]  Ergo's straps sit wider on the wearer's shoulders which may be better for those with wider frames."  I definitely think that most women would find the Boba more comfortable than the Ergo though, because of the fact that the shoulder straps begin higher and sit closer together on your shoulders.

Another great thing about the Boba is that you can occasionally find it 40% off!  (Ergos never seem to go on sale!)  I was able to get mine 40% off on Black Friday, and apparently they were 40% off on Zulily.com a couple of weeks ago.  And if you hurry, you can get 40% off the Boba Classic Collection thru Monday, February 21 thru many retailers worldwide!  That makes it only $60!!  (If you miss this sale, I recommend becoming a friend of "Boba Carrier" on Facebook.  That's how I found out about the Black Friday sale and the President's Day sale.)

I just realized I don't have any pictures of me with my munchkin in the Boba carrier.  I'd take some now, but I loaned the carrier to a friend to try out.  I made my hubby promise to snap a few pictures as soon as we get it back though, so stay tuned... because really, what's a blog without good pictures?!


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