Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Wear Your Baby: Infant Hug Hold

This video demonstrates the Infant Hug Hold.  This type of hold works best with older babies, who can support their own heads.  Please refer to the safety tips on the "Newborn Cradle Hold," as they all apply to this type of hold as well.


Amber said...

These are great videos! So helpful. Why did you chose a wrap (that you have to tie on each time) versus a carrier (i.e. Snugli or Ergo) that you can just slip them into?

xela said...

Thanks! I definitely think there are pros and cons to every kind of baby carrier, and the most important thing is to find one that is safe for baby and comfortable for you. I think I've tried them all and for me, I loved the convenience of the Snugli and Ergo but the thing I disliked is that you are really limited in the ways you could wear the baby. Also, with the Snugli, you can only use it while your baby is small and youcan't be skin to skin with your baby so I couldn't figure out a way to nurse in it. I loved that I could be skin to skin with my baby in the Ergo, but I think I'm the only person on earth who found the Ergo to be less comfortable than a baby wrap. I felt a lot of strain between my shoulders when I wore it, and it was also kind of hard for me to reach up to buckle the top buckle. (Apparently, I have really inflexible shoulders and need to do more yoga or something!)

At first it can seem inconvenient to tie the baby wrap, but I put mine on first thing every morning when my baby was a newborn and after a week or two I could put it on in about 60 seconds. I plan on recording and uploading more videos of a couple different ways to tie the wrap, which are a little quicker and easier than the BBP.

Probably my favorite thing about the baby wrap is the variety of ways you can wear your baby, and the fact that you can use it well into the toddler years. Gypsy Mama ( demonstrates over a dozen ways to wear your child.

Anyway, I hope that helps! Thanks so much for the question. I meant to mention these things in my post about how to tie the wrap, but I forgot. I'm going to have to edit that now!

Amber said...

I used a Snugli with my first, but he screamed while he was in it, so I gave up and just carried him around. I tried again with my 2nd but she was 14 pounds by the time she was 3 months old (!) so that killed my back. At the time, I didn't realized an Ergo could be used into the toddler years, so again I gave up because I thought the wraps were too complicated (and I was too lazy to do the research). Your videos make it very simple. Thanks for posting. I watched some of them on Gypsy Mama, and she's got good information, but I thought watching you tie yours looked simpler. Maybe it's just me?

xela said...

That's a bummer you had such problems with the carriers you tried with your kiddos! I'm glad you found my videos helpful though :) I want to make more videos... some of the other ways to tie that are quicker and easier... but since I posted these, either my hubby or I has been out of town so I haven't had a chance to record more. I think we're both back home next week though, so maybe I'll be able to upload some more videos soon. Are you guys thinking about having another baby??

P.S. I saw your parents at my baby brother's wedding... they haven't aged a bit! Your mom didn't recognize me, but your dad said he did because he thought I looked just like my mom :)


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