Monday, August 13, 2012

My thoughts on the new, but not-so-improved Boba 3G

So you may remember a few months back when I wrote about how excited I was to get the new Boba Baby Carrier, the Boba 3G.  I was excited about the new features, like a cell phone pocket, purse straps, and the ability to convert the carrier to an infant carrier.  Well, those cool features don't quite make up for one HUGE design flaw... the new sliders on the chest strap!

Boba 3G chest strap
Ergo/Boba 2G chest strap

I used to get frustrated with how hard it was to move the chest strap higher and lower on the Boba 2G.  Now I realize that it was a good thing.  The chest strap on the Boba 3G slides so smoothly and easily that it doesn't stay where you put it.  This isn't as big of a deal when you're wearing your little one on your back, because when the chest strap is in front, it's relatively easy to keep pushing it back down.  However, when you're wearing your baby on your front, it's not quite as easy to keep pushing the clip down in back of you. 

I would start out with the clip positioned between my shoulder blades and within minutes of wearing Emi on my front, the clip would have shifted up to the top of my neck.  Not only was this painful on my neck, having the chest clip up so high made my baby hang too far from my body, and that would cause extra strain and pain between my shoulder blades.  It also seemed to make the straps rub against the back of my arms.  I'm not sure if that was because the padding on straps is shorter on the 3G or if it's because the chest trap being positioned at the top of the neck causes the straps to pull forward more.  (Unfortunately, I sold my 2Gs before I got the 3G, so I couldn't get a picture comparing the length of the padding on the straps.)  Anyway, because of this, I couldn't handle wearing my baby on my front for more than 20 - 30 minutes.

I contacted Boba, thinking maybe I had a defective carrier, and they kindly sent me another.  (They really are a fabulous company!)  But unfortunately I had the same problem with that one.  I've had a couple of readers contact me to let me know they've had the same issues with their 3G's, so I'm pretty sure I'm not just being overly particular.

Anyway I'm super bummed, but I can't recommend the Boba 3G.  I love the Boba company and I think they make the most comfortable baby wraps I've ever worn.  And honestly, the Boba 2G is the most comfortable soft-structured carrier I've ever worn.  I'm now using an Ergo though.  While it's not as comfortable as the Boba 2G, it is more comfy than the Boba 3G (and I have to admit, I LOVE the big pocket it has on the back!)  Hopefully, Boba will come out with a 4G soon that will rectify the chest strap slippage problem... if they do, I'll be first in line to buy one!  


Sam said...

I am a HUGE Boba 2G fan and wore my daughter in that carrier every single day. Just like you, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a 3G for all the "improvements" and new colors.

I was so bummed when I got mine and it was no where near the quality of my 2G. To me, having a tiny pocket, cell phone spot or pretty color hardly makes up for the lose of comfort in the shoulder straps, lose of padding in the hip band or the overall flimsy feeling of the 3G compared to my 2G.

It breaks my heart that they changed their design so much because I too love the company. I will continue to use and wear my 2G and hope in the meantime they fix their design flaws.

Momma Jorje said...

I reviewed the 3G, but had no experience with the 2G at all. I did my review last Fall and it wasn't until a month or two ago that I even realized there is a slider!

My biggest issue was always needing someone else to buckle the back for me. I've even asked strangers at the grocery store to buckle me. Then I found that slider! I slid it down low and was able to reach to buckle. Then it wasn't quite right and I've learned to slide it up while wearing it.

I hope it is still comfortable when I switch Spencer to my back soon (at least some of the time). I haven't kept any other carriers for my little one.


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