Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: HOMEMADE Milk & Cookies!

My daughter Gigi has always been quite a cookie monster.  (Like mother, like daughter, I suppose!)  Anyway, when she was about 18 months old, she helped me bake some cookies.

Afterwards, she decided  to enjoy some milk with her cookies.
(This photo was originally posted here.)

Now I'm really glad my hubby captured that photo op, because a week or so ago a South Korean Oreo ad became really popular and I couldn't help but think it looked a bit like the picture of my baby enjoying her cookies and milk :)


Ashley said...

Great pic! Homemade cookies and homemade milk.

The Happy Hippie Homemaker said...

Haha that's so true, Ashley! I'm totally going to have to change the title of my blog post now :)

The Geeks Wife said...

I just found your blog via your nursing baby in a wrap video and am SO glad I found your channel/blog! I just found out I'm expecting and am SO thankful for mom's like you who provide helpful info!
Feel free to follow me at www.ageekswifeandherdog.blogspot.com

The Happy Hippie Homemaker said...

Thanks @jlsmitty86! I just checked out your blog and it's fabulous! I'm a geek's wife too :) Best of luck with your pregnancy... motherhood is the greatest!!


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