Monday, August 1, 2011

Back Carries with a Newborn in a Wrap

I was totally inspired by all the pictures of mamas wearing babies on their backs in wraps in last week's Wordless Wednesday blog hop.  Lauren at Hobo Mama passed along some links to videos of back carries with a newborn, so I tried it out yesterday while I was cleaning and making dinner.

I had to have Marco help me adjust a bit, but it wasn't too hard to get Emi Lou on my back, and it was much easier and more comfortable... not to mention SAFER... to have her on my back while I was making dinner. 

I always have a hard time keeping my babies from tilting their head back when they sleep.  As you can see, the wrap is supporting her head, but I need to work on keeping her head tilted down a little more.

Do you wear your newborn on your back?  What's your favorite carrier or type of tie for back carries with a newborn?

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