Sunday, July 24, 2011

Milk for Thought

Nursing Emi Lou in front of the big, pink bus

Have you heard about the 27 year old single guy (with no children) who's driving across the country in a 40 foot pink bus to raise awareness for breastfeeding?  Well his name is Ryan Comfort, and I had the privilege of meeting this fascinating individual at the Latch On America: Utah event last Friday, where I learned about his goal for the Latch On America tour and the vision for his website,

In a nutshell, the concept behind and the Latch On America tour is to create change by uniting the breastfeeding community.  Many moms know how difficult it can be to breastfeed... from problems with proper latch and sore nipples, to low milk supply or oversupply.  Imagine if there was a website you could visit to find videos showing how to get a proper latch or demonstrating different nursing positions to help slow the flow due to oversupply.  Imagine if, on that same website, you could browse profiles of lactation consultants or find local support groups for breastfeeding.  Well that's what Ryan hopes will become. 

According to their website, the goal of is the following:

At Milk for Thought, we want to change the landscape of breastfeeding — from attitudes to advocacy to education. Our goals are to work collaboratively to empower pregnant and breastfeeding moms by connecting them to local experts and counselors, baby-friendly hospitals and birthing centers, support groups, and other mothers who are out there and want so much to help. Instantly, new moms will get the support, encouragement, and shoulder to lean on that they need to have a successful breastfeeding journey.
The website is still under development, but eventually it will be kind of like a Facebook for breastfeeding (my analogy, not theirs!)  They had pamphlets at the event with some cool screen shots of what the social networking pages will look like. (Wish my scanner worked so I could share!)  Anyway, I can't wait till all the features of the website are up and running.  In the meantime, you can sign up for an account here so that you can be among the first to know as updates to the site are made!

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