Sunday, October 24, 2010

New babywearing videos!

I recorded a few videos on ways to wear a toddler in a baby wrap about a month ago, and I FINALLY got a chance to edit them.  (I have to use my hubby's computer to edit them and it seemed like when ever I had the time available for editing, the hubby was either not home or he was using his computer.)  I was able to upload one, but for some reason now I can get any more to upload.  Hopefully the hubby can help me upload the videos in the morning!

Anyway, I once I get all the videos uploaded, I hope they show that wearing your toddler can be comfortable and convenient.  Baby wearing is NOT just for babies!  I've found that wearing my toddler is the best way to keep her happy and close by when we're shopping. (She usually refuses to sit in the shopping cart.)  It's also super convenient because if we're out at nap time, she just nurses herself to sleep while I shop.  I really don't think I could survive without my babywraps!

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